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Hey! So Glad You're Here.

My brother Steve and I started our musical journey sometime back in the mid 1960s when my mother gave my cousin Christine money to buy us some 45s for Christmas. I don't remember exactly what she bought, but I know they were the some of the popular singles of the time. We never looked back...

Steve became obsessed with the Beatles. Although he loved all kinds of pop music, the Beatles were his favorite. He is still my source for anything Beatles related: trivia, books, videos, you name it, Steve knew it or he had it. Still does. While Steve leaned toward the pop side of music, I took another direction.

I started leaning toward other things. I was, and continue to be, huge Bob Dylan fan. I used to keep a spiral notebook with the lyrics I had written while listening to the LPs--stopping after a line or two, writing the words, and putting the stylus back in  the grooves to catch the next line of two. I did this to all of the Dylan albums through the 1960s until printed lyrics on the album jacket started to catch on. (Thank you, John, Paul, George, and Ringo!). I sought out and listened to artists that were not often played on AM radio. I latched on to progressive FM in 1967 when WNEW changed format to free form (or progressive) radio. Moody Blues, Traffic, Joni Mitchell, Tom Rush, The Byrds, and of course Dylan and many others occupied my turntable and my radio.

My album collection grew and grew until I had thousands of LPs. The CDs came out and I started all over again.

Which leads us here. My homage to those days of free form progressive FM on my Album Cuts Hour on my brother Steve's fantastic website, officially Steve Ludwig's Pop Culture on

I hope you enjoy the shows. I would love to hear from you. Maybe you have similar memories of the early days of pop music and FM radio. Let me know.

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