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The Green What?

That is a typical response to the question, "Have you ever heard of The Green Pajamas?" And it is to be expected. You see, The Green Pajamas, a fantastic band out of the Seattle area in Washington, was formed in 1984 by Jeff Kelly and Jon Ross. Along with bandmates Laura Weller, Eric Lichter, and Scott Vanderpool, the Green Pajamas have been making their brand of psychedelic-tinged rock since their first single, Kim the Waitress, became a campus hit in the Seattle area.

Included on their first album The Summer of Lust, only on cassette until 1989 on LP in the UK, Kim the Waitress started a long and rich journey that continues today. Over the years, the Green Pajamas has (yes, it's has, not have-the band is singular) recorded and released over 30 albums and EPs, and astonishingly, has never been picked up by a major label.

As soon as you hear the multi-layered instrumentation, expertly played, and the haunting vocals of Jeff Kelly (and occasionally Laura Weller) you will know you are hearing something special. Their diversity on style and mood from song to song keeps the listening experience fresh and exciting.

The question you will ask yourself will be, "Why didn't I hear about these guys before--how could I have missed all this great music for so long?" The biggest injustice is that had they should have been mega-stars long ago. But maybe for their die-hard fans that's a good thing.

Don't believe me? Read what Trouser Press said about the band here.

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